Highchair Travelers: New Year’s Eve Around the World

NYE around the world--featured copyHow does the rest of the world celebrate the New Year? Well, first of all, a big chunk of the world does not celebrate it on January 1st. But those countries that do (mostly in the Western Hemisphere) have a large variety of traditions that can add an international flavor to your family’s new year’s party. Which ones do your kids want to try?


Spain: Twelve grapes at the stroke of twelve

As the clock strikes midnight, eat one grape for each bell. It’s tough to get them all in on time, but if you do, you will be blessed with a year full of good luck.

Brazil: Wear white to scare away evil spirits

and don’t forget to make some traditional Brazilian candy to share!

Finished TrufflesGermany: Bleigießen

In Germany, people enjoy a new year’s game where you pour melted lead into water–the shapes fortell what kind of year you will have. This tradition is complicated and a little dangerous, but you could easily substitute melted wax for the lead.

Chile: Eat Lentils

Exactly at midnight, eat a spoonful of lentils for a year of prosperity.


and, our personal favorite:


Colombia: Travel for travel!

In Colombia, you can circle the block with an empty suitcase for a year filled with travel!

Happy New Year! We here at 80 Diapers hope each of you circles the block (and the globe) this year.




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