Things He Learned . . . Everywhere

How do you know it’s working? When your six year old writes (with no parental guidance of any kind) the following editorial for a homemade newspaper:

Things he learned featured copyDear Readers,
I think that the world is so beautiful, and I like looking at all the stuff outside. I think that the people of the world are all important no matter what. Everybody is good at something but nobody is good at everything. I think that people are building new houses and cities every day of the week, which is great because the poor people need a place to live. I know that if there was no such thing as animals, we wouldn’t be living.

I think that it is important that some countries are small and some countries are big and that they’re all not the same size and that all countries are different because if they were all the same, it wouldn’t be fun if you couldn’t learn about other cultures and it wouldn’t be exciting and all the countries would be boring. I think that even though there are problems in life the world is still a great place.
Leafy Isaac, an editor.

Mission accomplished.




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