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HoliThe Holi Festival in India is a celebration of Spring and a commemoration of some major events in Hindu mythology, but it’s known to the rest of the world as the Festival of Colors.

During Holi, large groups gather to dance, sing, and celebrate around a bonfire by throwing powdered pigment colors at one another, or spraying one another with colored water.

At Holi, other cultural expectations and controls are also loosened, and people of all races, castes, ages, incomes and locations come together to celebrate and embrace the lighthearted, wild side of life.

Holi colors go on sale in the weeks before the festival.  New Delhi, India.

Traditional Holi activities include sending cards to family members, enjoying a large meal with friends and doing colorful art projects with children. You can make splatter-paint t-shirts, paint faces in colorful and slightly-less-messy face paint or just celebrate with a bonfire and some wild dancing. You can also make these delicious and easy Indian treats!


This year for Holi, we are creating some unusual Holi cards using our new favorite art method–crayon splatter paint.

The dryer will melt the crayons and spray the wax artistically.

The dryer will melt the crayons and spray the wax artistically.

The method is simple–melt crayons, then drip, flip and smear the wax on cardstock to create beautiful, unique patterns in the traditional colors of Holi–red, pink, green, blue and yellow. (Of course, you can use any colors you’d like.) We used an embossing heat tool, but a regular hair dryer works just as well.

Holi cards 007Holi cards 006Write messages inside and mail to all your loved ones to wish them . . .

होली मुबारक   Holi Mubaarak!


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