Highchair Travelers: Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers featured copyLooking for an easy new tradition to add to your Christmas celebrations? In England, Christmas Crackers — tubes with paper hats, riddles, treats and small toys — are an important part of any Christmas party. Crackers are easily found all over the UK, but here in America they are pretty scarce. So we make our own!

To make your own crackers will need:

toilet paper tubes (1 per person)

wrapping paper, newspaper or tissue paper

string or yarn

riddles, paper hats, small toys or candy (to fill the crackers)

Gingerbread and crackers 008 cropMake your paper hats (instructions here) and have each child write a riddle or joke on a slip of paper.

Gingerbread and crackers 012Roll the hat up so it will fit in the TP tube and place the riddle and small toys or candies inside the tube.

Gingerbread and crackers 011 cropWrap each tube in wrapping paper or crepe paper, leaving long ends tied off with string to make the handles for pulling the cracker.

On Christmas Eve, everyone gets a cracker (not the one they made) and pulls it with a friend to reveal the goodies inside. You tell each other the jokes and wear the paper hats for the rest of the evening.Gingerbread and crackers 020

Real crackers make a loud bang when they are opened (this is why they are called crackers) but these ones don’t. In our house, we solve this problem by yelling BANG when we pull them, ala the brilliant British comedy The Good Life.

Happy Christmas!


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