Highchair Travelers: Easy Nariyal Burfi (Indian coconut fudge)


Burfi featured copyThis Thursday is the Hindu holiday of Diwali, celebrating the victory of light over dark and good over evil. This is a great reason to make our easy, kid-friendly version of a traditional Indian sweet, nariyal burfi.

Instead of requiring hours stirring over a hot stove, our version is made in the microwave in less than 10 minutes and with only four ingredients, and is a fantastic way to introduce your kids (and yourself) to the unique flavors of Indian desserts.


Easy Nariyal Burfi


1 1/2 (14 oz) cans sweetened condensed milk

3 c sweetened shredded coconut

2/3 c sliced almonds

1 T ground cardamom (if there is ANY WAY you can get whole cardamom and grind it yourself, do it. It will taste so much better. So. much. better.)

In a large microwave-safe bowl, combine milk and coconut. Microwave on high for 7 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Stir in almonds and cardamom, mix well.

IMG_6486Spread in a greased 9×9 pan and allow to cool in the fridge for one hour.

IMG_6492Remove from pan and slice into small squares. (Spray your knife first with kitchen spray first to make this easier.)

That’s it! It’s done! And once you get used to the flavor of this unusual and delicious treat, you might find yourself making it all the time. And eating it. All. the. time. (I, for instance, ate half this plate myself, this morning, for breakfast.)


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One thought on “Highchair Travelers: Easy Nariyal Burfi (Indian coconut fudge)

  1. Linda Broad

    Thank you for sharing. I have many FB friends in India, and did not know what Diwali is. Now I can share in their holiday next time it rolls around!

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